In all my years of teaching yoga, my personal practice informs my teaching, and supports my spiritual and physical growth. I practice and teach a Vinyasa flow style that uses breath with movement. 

As a teacher, my intention is for my students to have a safe place to explore body-mind connections within themselves. I will challenge you to move beyond your perceived limitations while allowing you to respect yourself and bring awareness to your breath in the current moment. This creates deep relaxation and can transform your life on and off the mat. 

Training & Certifications:
  • Certified Green Path Yoga Teacher  - Vinyasa Flow
    • Training – Level I (August 2006) -100 hourrs, Green Path Yoga, San Francisco, CA
    • Training – Level II (September 2006) – 100 hours, Green Path Yoga, San Francisco, CA
  • Pre/Post Natal  Yoga and Yoga For Women, Teacher Training (October 2006) – 60 hours, Green Path Yoga, San Francisco, CA
  • Yoga Journal Conference (January 2006)
    • Victor Van Kooten: Movement from an Internal Experience
    • Rusty Wells: Resolve to Evolve - Yoga Philosophy in Motion.
    • David Swenson: Eight Limbs and Daily Life 
  • Yoga Journal Conference (January 2010), Business of Yoga Workshop
  • Relax and Renew Training (July 2010), Judith Lasater, Ph.D., PT
  • Yoga as Medicine Workshop (June 2013),  Dr. Timothy McCall. M.D.
  • Indoor Cycling Teacher Training (May 2014)
  • CPR and First Aid Certified