Kennedy Cheloti W. Kundu is a certified Africa Yoga Project teacher from Nairobi with 15 years of experience as a professional acrobat. He is also a certified Acroyoga teacher with AYFit. Cheloti teaches the Baptiste style of yoga and yin yoga because he finds their application in his life and the lives of his students practical and accessible, with the power to create real results on and off the mat. Yoga has helped him become a better artiste, teaching him to take ownership of who he wants to be, and to share from that authentically. “yoga has helped me seek answers from within rather than waiting for help from without - to start by trusting myself, and to serve others by empowering them to do the same.”
His teaching uncovers a new realm of possibility for others. Students of all ages and levels of experience benefit from his clear physical instruction and find relevance and inspiration in his sharing. Cheloti is a focused person, teaching Baptiste power vinyasa, yin yoga and Acroyoga, all international styles practiced by people from all walks of life: athletes, students, teachers, parents, and community leaders. 
Cheloti lives in Kasarani with his wife and two daughters.