“What can I do to feel physically and mentally better?”
This is how it started for me with my first Yoga session in 2001.
Since then Yoga is part of my life. I like to practice for myself whenever and wherever I feel to give me a good treat. I only need a mat and some quiet space, that’s it. Yoga as a healing method is easily available and accompanies my sometimes hectic business life as consultant, trainer and facilitator in emergency responses and development work. Other tools that I discovered for me are Reiki/Chi (practitioner 2nd level, an ancient traditional healing practice from China that works with subtle energy) and Silent Qi Gong (Chinese practice to grow mental abilities and inner power based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine). Additionally I develop compassion and inner peace in my daily meditation. 

As a teacher I like the contemplative and relaxing Hatha Yoga style with breathing exercises (Pranayama), physical postures (Asanas) and meditation (Dhyana). My teaching experience embraces Yoga Basic, Yoga Intermediate, Yoga for Pregnant women, Yoga for Elderly people, and Yoga for Drug addicted and Mentally challenged people. 

Training & Certifications:

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Sivananda Ashram Neyyar Dam, (Kerala/South India, 2003)
Teacher Training Course in Pre-Natal Yoga, with Tina Weghofer (Mödling/Austria, 2007)
Advanced Training in Anatomy for Yoga teachers with Dr Sita Sitter (Mödling/Austria, 2007)
International Yoga Congress (Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg/Germany, 2007)
Hatha Yoga workshop Dr. Jamuna Mishra (Vienna/Austria, 2009)
Hormone Yoga Therapy (for menopause and hormone unbalance) according to Dinah Rodrigues, Intensive workshop Lisa Diendorfer (Vienna/Austria, 2010)
Several Buddhist meditation courses (since 1994)

Teaching experience:

Club Limone, Vienna/Austria (2004)
Yoga Vidya Austria, Vienna/Austria (2006-2010)
Salzgrotte Oceaneum, Vienna/Austria (2007-2009)
Caritas FrauenWohnZentrum, Vienna/Austria (2010-2011)